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Bernice Burgos was born on April 17, 1980 in Bronx, New York. She broke into modeling after being discovered bar tending. She starred in a Rick Ross video and became highly in demand for modeling in other music videos and magazines. Burgos had her daughter Ashley at the young age of 15. Now 21 years-old, Ashley is about to have a child of her own making the steamy 38 year-old Bernice Burgos the hottest grandma alive.

Bernice Burgos Bikini BOOTY

Curvy Bernice Burgos showed her tits wearing a see-through outfit at the Dior Super Bowl LIII Party in Atlanta, 01/31/2019. Bernice Burgos is a 37-year-old social media personality and model.

Bernice Burgos is one of the hottest Instagram models and probably the definition of a thirst trap. At 5 ft 7 inches, Burgos has exotic good looks and curves for days. It’s hard to believe that this brown beauty is about to be a grandma! Enjoy this ultimate collection of Burnice Burgos hottest photos and GIFs.

Bernice is no stranger to showing off her gorgeous body, often putting her curvy frame on full display.

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