Anne Hathaway Sex Tape

Nude and sexy compilation of Anne Hathaway from films. Anne Hathaway is an American actress. Age 35. Best films: Interstellar (2014, imdb 8.6), The Dark Knight Rises (2012, imdb 8.4) and Les Misérables (2012, imdb 7.6).

1.Anne Hathaway Sexy – Serenity

2.Nude Scenes in Havoc (2005)

Anne Hathaway “acts” like a porn star in the video above featuring nude and sex scenes from her movie “Havoc”.

Clearly Anne missed her true calling in life, as the scene in which she plays with her hard nipples on a couch while begging the limp-dicked infidel man filming her to f*ck her like the dirty little slut that she is was the most believable acting that she has ever done.

3.Anne Hathaway Nude And Sex Scenes From “Love & Other Drugs”

In this movie Anne Hathaway plays your typical Western whore (big surprise) who torments closeted homoqueer Jake Gyllenhaal by showing up at his place, accosting him with her sinful nude female body, and then demanding sex. Eventually Jake runs out of his “other drugs” (Viagra and poppers) and can no longer get his pathetically limp dick up for heterosexual intercourse with Anne’s extremely loose vagina, so they are forced to either fall in love or give up seeing each other.

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